Institute for Policy Analysis

I4PA - Institute for Policy Analysis

I4PA is a non-governmental organization that promotes rule of law and progressive policies for building a modern, democratic and accountable society!

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Our Purpose

I4PA stands for the establishment of a society where the rule of law is paramount

I4PA proposes the advancement of the legal system towards harmonization with the "Acquis Communautaire"

I4PA analyzes practices and recommends projects for open society and the rule of law

I4PA advances respect for human rights and promotes diversity

I4PA analyzes governance levels by proposing ways of further advancement

I4PA promotes transparency and engagement of citizens in policy-making

I4PA analyzes policies and proposes approximation projects with the European Union

I4PA analyzes and proposes regional cooperation projects and beyond

I4PA analyzes and promotes the advancement of bilateral, regional and wider dialogue

I4PA promotes civic education and independent media