Who are we

I4PA – Institute for Policy Analysis is a non-governmental organization which, through active participation, contributes to the design and implementation of development and progressive policies for supporting the government, as well as other competent and relevant institutions, in advancing the social development trend in Kosovo and the establishment of rule of law, while also facilitating regional cooperation processes.

Our vision is to contribute and promote progressive policies, by empowering positive social changes. We want to become part of democratic checks and balances of our society, by monitoring, observing and reporting, but also by training and actively contributing to the advancement of democratic, executive and administrative practise of Kosovo’s institutions.

We believe that Kosovo, as the youngest nation in Europe, is craving for the constant development of its governmental and non-governmental institutions, as well as its governing practices, while fully aware of the serious lack of domestic capacity, both its material as well as its intellectual in-country capabilities. This is where I4PA comes in, aiming to help and assist Kosovo’s central and local institutions, by bringing-in good practices of western democracies in Kosovo, and by coordinating and forging proper exchange of those practices between Kosovo and various European countries and further, especially focusing on European Union (EU) requirements and practices that would bring us closer to and would advance Kosovo’s path towards the big family or European nations – the EU.

Bearing in mind the respectable and by now almost traditional progressive western practices within the sector of civil society organizations, we believe that the Kosovo non-governmental sector itself is also in need of further advancement and supplementary learning practises for its proper functioning, for it to become more tangibly useful to the whole Kosovar society, in particular the governmental structures. For this reason, we want to work much closer and forge friendly and hand-in-hand links with such sectors in other western countries, but also coordinate and mediate amicable links between Kosovo and the EU structures, as well as the particular EU countries and their governments.

Having in mind that the regional cooperation is one of the main pillars of the shape and spirit of the family of EU nations, I4PA is also dedicated to assisting the Kosovo institutions and the Kosovo society in general in modelling friendly links as well as a proper western-type cooperation between our country and the entire region, in particular with those countries we now lack such cooperation and coordination.